Today, on this crucial voting day in Idaho, we see the end of political flyers and other means of propaganda distribution. However, come September, the signs and endless messaging will return, heralding the approach of the November election. 

Idaho has stepped into a new era; one where out-of-state big-money political action committees or PACs are actively seeking to shape our political election process. In the past, Idaho politicians relied on the state's business interests to fund their campaigns, often resulting in legislation favoring these corporations. This is why the Gem State is known as the most unregulated state in the nation.

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Consider the issue of school choice. Candidates advocating for education vouchers are being funded by out-of-state money. On the other side, opponents argue that tax breaks for school choice will negatively impact Idaho Public Education. Interestingly, these opponents are backed by the in-state teacher's union. Similarly, the push for legalizing marijuana is also being fueled by groups funneling money to politicians who support this cause.

Put simply, external forces are attempting to steer Idaho's course. Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, political spending in the Gem State is set to surge. If you think more money is being poured into this cycle, just wait until the race for governor, lieutenant governor, and other constitutional offices are up for grabs.

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As we do every campaign cycle, a sincere thank you to everyone involved in running for office. We appreciate your dedication to friends, family members, associates, or anyone else who has taken time away from their paying job to improve our Idaho way of life.

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