Boise State Football is once again hosting the Mountain West Championship this weekend in Boise. The season has been about redemption as head Coach Andy Avalos was named Mountain West Coach of the Year. Remember, Coach Avalos was on the hot seat for his team's 2-2 start of the season.

The coach's success was due to a massive disruption with offensive coordinator Tim Plough firing and four-year starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier leaving the team. Former Bronco and NFL Football Coach Dirk Koetter. The coach took over an offense that had no direction. The team looked rudderless until a player that TCU wanted as a defensive lineman emerged as a quarterback Boise State had never seen.

Taylen Green, the once unknown and unproven red shirt freshman, is now the Mountain West Freshman of the Year. Mr. Green continues to develop and flourish under Coach Koetter, an offensive genius and a quarterback guru in the NFL.

Mr. Green, once known as a highly talented athlete and running quarterback, has developed his skills as a passer under the media spotlight of the current football season. There wasn't an athlete under more scrutiny than Mr. Green this year.

There has yet to be a quarterback with the unlimited potential of Taylen Green. The most crucial move that Boise State will make in the off-season is who they will hire as their new offensive coordinator. Coach Koetter moved back to Idaho to retire and looks forward to returning to the golf course.

If Boise State hires the wrong coach who can't develop an offense that highlights Mr. Green's strengths, it will be a massive lost opportunity for Boise State Football. Fans have always believed that Boise State should've pushed Kellen Moore as a Heisman candidate during his playing days.

Offensives have continued to evolve over the years in college football. Mr. Green is a dual threat who has unlimited potential. The right coach will design an offense allowing the quarterback to maximize his gifts. Check out the video of his 91 yard touchdown run below.

What will Mr. Green look like after an entire off-season as the dedicated starting quarterback? The Broncos will have a legitimate Heisman contender if they make the right hire.

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