We've entered a significant and pivotal era of Idaho politics. A publication has reported that two prominent Idaho conservatives were embroiled in a heated argument over a crucial endorsement. 

No one likes to be embarrassed, and no one likes it when a 'confidential' conversation becomes public. It's like when the teacher used to read your notes in school or when someone forwarded your text messages in today's world. 

A Private Fight Goes Public!

What was once a private disagreement between two individuals has now been thrust into the public eye, splashed across the web and every social media outlet. Maria Nate, the executive director of the Idaho Freedom Caucus, and Representative Heather Scott were at odds over the latter's endorsement of House Speaker Representative Mike Moyle. Mr. Moyle, a Republican, is facing opposition from those who believe he doesn't embody true conservatism. 

Is it the Democrats Who Want Popular House Speaker Removed?

Interestingly, it's not the liberals who are spearheading the campaign against Mr. Moyle, but fellow Republicans who question his conservative stance. Representative Scott, in a highly emotional state, is warned by Mrs. Nate about the potential consequences of provoking the 'out of the state big money interests' that are currently funding the campaign to remove Mr. Moyle. This Situation raises questions about the extent of local control in Idaho politics.

Mr. Moyle must be doing his job as the big business establishment Republicans seek to remove him because he's not their lackey. The current fighting only weakens a once-strong Republican party. You can read all the details of this embarrassing story here. 

Huge Money Flowing into Local Campaigns

How much money is flowing into Idaho Republican Party politics? Kevin Richert from Idaho Education News has written the most thorough piece detailing who and how much money is flowing into these competitive campaigns. You can read his breakdown here.

Who Wins? Who Loses?

The Big Winners are the consultants and admen who charge consulting fees and commissions. Who is slated to be a loser? The rest of us are stuck with either lapdogs or political yes people. 

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