It's that time of year again, shorter days and the beginning of the holiday season. Some of us are still getting used to the idea that we skip Thanksgiving, moving from Halloween to Christmas, out with the ghosts and haunted houses, replacing them with Santa and the Christmas lights.

This week, once again, will be the most traveled week of the year. The old saying of planes, trains, and automobiles will be applicable to describe how Idahoans get home to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family.

However, with more people traveling, travel's dangers increase as folks sometimes do not obey traffic signals or drive too fast, hoping to make up for lost time.

How many Idahoans will be traveling between now and next Monday? AAA Idaho estimates that over three hundred thousand Idahoans and over 1.3 million travelers will hit the road.

When Is The Best Time to Travel?

AAA says that the most active times will be Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, beginning at 2 pm. Is there a best time to travel if you have to travel during the holiday season? Yes, AAA says the best time to travel is at 11 am.

"Thanksgiving is all about family, and even with concerns about the economy and their financial future, people aren't willing to sacrifice time with loved ones," says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. "Gas prices are significantly better than last year, and in some cases, people may also extend their vacation through remote work to avoid some of the bigger headaches on the road and in the air."

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