If you haven't heard of MrBeast, it's time that we let you know about the YouTube phenomenon that is beyond description. I've been studying the fun-loving 20-something who regularly gives away thousands of dollars during his video productions with fans. One video featured an FBI agent trying to catch him for a significant amount of money. 

MrBeast is so big that platforms like Spotify and others use him to promote their products. The fun-loving young man is so big Forbes has his net worth at $500 million and is so popular he could become YouTube's first billionaire. 

Have You Seen Mr Beast in Boise?

A look at his adventures.

He works out of a 'secret' location in eastern North Carolina. He gives away as much money as he makes. MrBeast shared with Forbes his philosophy on money and charitable giving.

“It’s pretty simple. Honestly, I got my first brand deal for $10,000 and I gave it away. I got it, went outside and gave it to a homeless person,” Donaldson says. “I don’t want to play it up too much. It just felt good. It’s a world where I take 10 grand and light it on fire and make 20 grand.”

Is Mr. Beast In Boise?

There have been no sightings of MrBeast in Boise; however, one of his products has gotten the attention of BoiseDev. The publication reported that the MrBeast Burger is being offered through local social delivery apps through so-called 'ghost kitchens.' 
You can see more of MrBeast's work here. It's worth a look to see this young man in action. Trust us, if MrBeast arrives in Boise, you'll know it, and we'll report it. Chances are he'll be creating quite the buzz whether it's involving food or another of his many adventures.

Famous YouTuber Has Ghost Kitchen MrBeast In Upstate New York

With 40 locations and growing across New York State, one famous YouTuber has a ghost kitchen hidden right in plain sight here in Upstate New York.

Here's a look at the menu items from MrBeast:

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