I'll have a scenic Idaho sky tour with a side of breakfast, please.

If you love breakfast and have a taste for adventure in the friendly skies, I've got a fantastic addition to your Idaho 2024 summer bucket list! 

Truth be told, I only learned about this gem after an adventurous friend of mine shared his dream-like experience with me a few months ago. How I'd gone through nearly 10 years of Idaho living without knowing about breakfast flights still blows my mind. This summer, however, I'm finally righting that wrong by taking one with my husband. 

What is an Idaho breakfast flight?

First off, let's clarify what an Idaho breakfast flight isn't.

This has absolutely nothing to do with choking down a pre-packaged, microwaved meal on a cramped commercial flight. Instead, this is a positively stunning aerial tour over one of the most beautiful regions in the Pacific Northwest: Idaho's Frank Church Wilderness, what the U.S. Forest Service describes as a "wilderness of steep, rugged mountains, deep canyons, and wild, whitewater rivers."

Even more incredible, the U.S.F.S. describes the Frank Church River Wilderness as one of the rarest, most pristine, and untouched forests in the United States. 

How long is a breakfast flight from Boise to the Frank Church Wilderness?

The typical breakfast flight from Boise to the Frank Church Wilderness starts just before sunrise and lasts between two to three hours.

As you glide your way through the clouds to a fabulous breakfast destination, you're dazzled by views of majestic mountains, sweeping valleys, and crystal-blue lakes. If not for how hungry they were, my friend mentioned he could've spent the entire day flying over Idaho's stunning landscapes.

But why take a stranger's word for it when you can experience an Idaho breakfast tour yourself? If you're hungry for a delicious sky tour of the Gem State, scroll down for four of the most experienced aerial tour agencies in Idaho. 

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