We don't want to admit it but it's true - people love to cheat in their relationships. There are many theories as to why people cheat and we'll likely never figure out a concrete reason why they do. Unfortunately, it's just basic and random human behavior - behavior that isn't just plaguing the states around us, but Idaho as well.

The Data Speaks For Itself

Using information from 24/7 Tempo, we were able to look at where Idaho and surrounding states "rank" when it comes to dishonesty. One could argue that the data is skewed with one of the metrics being based on how often someone searches "how to bluff." Obviously, there could be many people going to Las Vegas for the first time who are searching for ways to make some extra money.

On the other hand - when one of the metrics is how many times a state's inhabitants searched for the controversial website "Ashley Madison", the intention is pretty straightforward. Ashley Madison controversially promotes people to "find their affair" and is essentially laid out like a dating app.

Let's take a look at the top states in the country for dishonesty and cheating according to data from 24/7 Tempo.

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