There was once a time when I would say that nothing beats an ice-cold beer on the weekend. Fast-forward to now and that tune has completely changed – whether it's a mimosa or a Bloody mary, there are several other ways to treat your tastebuds on the weekend.

While at home with the family, I was scrolling through the old timeline when I stumbled across probably one of the best “Suggested Posts for You” that I have ever seen. It appeared to be a gargantuan mimosa that can be found right here in Meridian. No, seriously, when I saw this thing at Homestead Bar & Grill, I could feel my mouth watering and that’s not even the beginning of the magnificence that this place offers:

Look at that thing! If you ever wanted to know what a “good time” in a glass looks like, that’s it right there. Sunshine in a cup, baby, the breakfast of champions. Here’s where it gets crazy – Homestead Bar & Grill also features a Bloody Mary that will absolutely rock your world. If mimosas are sunshine in a cup, the Blood Mary is the actual sun that rests upon the rim of your glass.

Patty C. via Yelp
Patty C. via Yelp

That’s right – a Bloody Mary that comes with essentially a full meal attached to it and as an added bonus, Homestead Bar & Grill also has over 40 beers on tap. Have you ever taken on this behemoth? Let us know and (or) tell us where we can find the best Bloody Mary in Boise!

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