There have been a lot of closures along the Boise Greenbelt over the last few weeks and if the weather decides to be sporadic, we could be in some serious trouble. Hopefully, we'll never experience some of the losses we've seen in Idaho before.

Idaho has experienced millions in losses

According to records from Ada County, Idaho is no stranger to devastating floods and these natural disasters have resulted in millions of dollars in damage. Using that data from Ada County, we sorted out floods that caused a minimum of a million dollars of damage and unfortunately, there are six floods that met that criteria. One flood, in particular, caused $65 MILLION in damage.

A lot of these disasters are due to rain and snowmelt which can prove to be a destructive combination that has a damaging financial impact.

Let's look at the top floods that devastated Idaho and caused millions in damage in the process.

6 Idaho Floods That Caused Millions of Dollars in Damage

There have been some destructive floods in Idaho and some have caused millions in damage. Let's take a look...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

It's terrifying to think about, especially with how erratic the weather has been in the Treasure Valley this year. The idea of a flood in 2023 doesn't seem so farfetched when you think about snow in May... yeah, it's possible in the Treasure Valley.

May Is Approaching... How Common Is Snowfall in Idaho This Time of Year?

You asked. We found out. The National Weather Service has 123 years of data to trace the latest snowfall of .1" or more in Boise. May snow is NOT typical for our area, but there have been traces of snow as late as June in 2008, 1954, 1950 and 1914. Here's a look at the history of May snow in Boise.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Thankfully, summer is quickly approaching and there will be plenty of days when many of us will wish for the cold weather to return. What do people in the Treasure Valley do to entertain themselves under the sun? One word: concerts.

The ultimate concert is quickly approaching on June 24th at Boise Music Festival. Let's take a look at the lineup and how you can get tickets.

2023 Boise Music Festival Main Stage Artists

The 12th Annual Boise Music Festival is June 24, 2023 at Expo Idaho! Here's a look at the artists who've been announced to perform on this year's main stage!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

You can purchase your tickets to Boise Music Festival here.

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