You see it every Broncos football gameday – people across the Treasure Valley rock their blue and orange gear with pride; football fandom is no joke, especially for fans of Boise State. I became curious as to how far this fandom for Bronco football actually goes and so, naturally, I turned to eBay.

For the kids who don’t know, there was a period in time when eBay dominated the planet. The idea that you could go to a website and purchase other people’s used stuff was innovative at the time. Nowadays this concept is more of the norm but that’s not to say that eBay still doesn’t have some gems.

That is especially the case for Bronco gear but let’s make it more interesting… let’s not just look for Bronco items on eBay for the ultimate fan; let’s look for the most expensive Bronco items that you can purchase at the time of this being written.

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