Treasure Valley Spring is Like a Box of Chocolates

Spring in the Treasure Valley is like a box of chocolates. Despite what the weather app says, you never really know what you’re gonna get.

Where every other metro around the United States gets by just fine with a 24-hour weather forecast, the valley needs one every 10-15 minutes. On top of that, I propose every respective city in the valley should have its own forecast! If you think that’s over-the-top, that tells me you haven’t lived here long enough to know the Idaho weather struggle.

Weather "Mis-App"

Today, for example, just before I left my house in Star, dark and early, I checked my weather app like I do each morning. Checking your weather app the night before is another sign you’re an Ida-newbie.

But back to the point…one quick glance at what I’ll now refer to forever more as my weather “mis-app” indicated light, intermittent showers. Kind of a bummer, but still typical Idaho spring weather. Because I had just gotten a spectacular spring pedicure with cherry red polish, of course I opted for Idaho’s perennial footwear: the flip-flop.

If you're like me and you rock the flop year-round in Idaho, check out my article, 28 Reasons to Rock Flip-Flops Year-Round in Idaho & 1 Reason Not To.

Unleash the Kraken

A moment later, I was headed east on State Street on my way to work downtown. As I made my way passed Linder and Eagle, the rain grew more intense, but it still wasn’t terrible. That's when I pulled up to the red at State and Glenwood and the weather gods unleashed the Kraken. Bam! A sleeting snow storm came from out of nowhere, and sent my Camry gliding down a mile-long sheet of black ice.

Crappy Road Conditions

From that point on, the road conditions got crappier one intersection after the next. And I turned into a Moody Judy when it sank in that I was wearing flip-flops in a freaking snow storm. I got catfished by the weather like a first-year valley cherry.

But there could be a bright side yet, friends. Given all we never know about Idaho weather, it could be sunny at 75 by noon. We'll see what the weather mis-app says.

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