If you are getting tired of winter and are ready for some warmer weather, sorry this is some bad news for you. A cold snap hit the Treasure Valley and while temps will start going up a little later in the week, meteorologists are predicting a colder February than usual and more snow/cold rain fall in February than usual too.

I won't bore too much into the details but essentially, we usually get air pushed over us from warmer southern region like Hawaii. However, this week our airflow is coming from more arctic air from Alaska. The Idaho Statesman does a great job of describing it if you want to get deeper into the what and why of it click here.... otherwise here is what to expect.

January was very light on snow for Boise, it is looking like we are more than going to make up for it in February. It will also be MUCH colder than it has been. "Temperatures will drop in Boise to as low as 4 degrees by early Tuesday morning, and high temperatures won’t be above freezing until later in the week. Areas of western Montana will see Arctic air plunge into the state, dropping temperatures below 0 there. The Climate Prediction Center’s three- to four-week outlook gives Boise a 50-55% chance of below-normal temperatures and a 55-70% chance of above-normal precipitation." Idaho Statesman. 

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