Have you ever been to an escape room? A few years back I was visiting family in Arizona and for my dad's birthday we all took on an escape room. I knew kind of what to expect but at the same time didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be an exciting fun and bonding time for us all. We beat the clock, and all came out proud and laughing.

With the right group of people, friends, family, co-workers, or a super unique and fun double date night, it can be a blast. If you like it, challenge the group to a different room another time, maybe even make it an annual get together.

There are nine Escape Room businesses in the Treasure Valley and each offers multiple and rotating themes... Here's the breakdown:

First Escape The Room Boise. Located in Boise at 350 N Milwaukee St. Google has 71 reviews with a 4.9 star average. Yelp has 5 reviews with 4 star average. Current theme rooms available are The Submarine, Western Bank Heist, The Clock Tower, The Agency and The Theater.

 Escape The Room Boise has a great description on what it is all about on their website, "Escape The Room Boise is an immersive and interactive real-life adventure in which you and your team discover clues to escape in a specific amount of time. Every room is unique with its own storyline, mysteries, and escape route that you will have to figure out. Your team will help you solve the puzzle to make your way out the Boise’s best escape room."


Then we have Escape This Boise, located at 410 S Orchard Street. Google has 1,199 reviews with a 5 star rating and with 429 reviews on Facebook and an average 5 star rating this is a great spot. Available room themes are Pirate Ship, Wild West Saloon, Jungle Adventure, Wizards Final Exam, Zombie Escape and Santa's Workshop.

According to the website, Escape This Boise, "was created by the Herrington family in 2002 and they are are always creating new puzzles, games and more adrenaline rushing fun for every occasion. They also have big plans for new rooms that will challenge senses and abilities in entirely different ways than you have previously experienced."


Puzzle Effect - Boise is located at 8249 W Overland Rd. 490 Google reviews and a 4.9 star rating. Facebook has 109 reviews with a 4.9 rating. Current room themes are Curse on the Emerald Sea, Pipe Works, Grim Stacks, and Rescue.

I love how they break down the process on the Puzzle Effect - Boise website with, "An escape room is a physical adventure game where participants are placed into a room and have to use teamwork along with elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles. First, you’ll get your story, next you have to find clues, then you “Simply” escape the room. Oh and tick tock... there’s a time limit"


Amazing Escapes of Boise is another one, this one located at 6555 W Overland Rd. There are 275 Google reviews with a 5 star rating and Facebook has 36 reviews with a 5 star rating. The current room themes available are Titanic, Demolition Abduction, Countdown To Terror, The Box, The Box Battle and Curio City.

The Amazing Escapes of Boise website says, "Simply put, we have the best and most creative escape rooms in the Boise area. Being escape room enthusiasts ourselves we wanted to break the mold and raise the bar of how escape rooms are designed. Join us for your next birthday party, family fun outing, things to do with friends, or team building activity and day out."


Treasure Valley Escape Rooms are located at 10529 W Overland Road and are another set of fun theme escapes waiting to be played.  With 350 Google reviews giving 5 stars and 19 Facebook reviews with 5 stars this is another great place to check out. Current themed rooms include, Captured: Doctor Fear, Gem Mine: Last Breath, Journey to Oz and Mad Hatter.

Treasure Valley Escape Rooms website says, "We are one of the only escape rooms in Boise that design and build all of our escape rooms in house (we do not buy our games). We are not a national chain with locations all over the country, which means you won't find our adventures anywhere else! We create fully immersive experiences that are challenging, fun, and carefully crafted with strict attention to detail."


Clockwise Escape Room Boise is located at 1020 W Main Street on the 2nd Floor. With 248 Google reviews giving 5 stars and 16 reviews on Facebook, also all with 5 stars. Current theme game rooms include, The Asylum, Party in Vegas, The Incredible Machine and The Paranormal Experiment.

Clockwise Escape Room Boise describes their rooms as, "Our escape rooms incorporate intriguing storylines, immersive set design and high technology WOW effects to truly transport you to another time and place. Our escape rooms are the perfect entertainment option for family outings, a night out with friends, team building events, date nights and even wedding proposals!"


Ingenious Escape Rooms - Boise is located at 7206 W Swift Lane in Boise. Current available themes are Antidote, Lost City of Atlantis, Sin City - Hangover. They also offer Virtual games that include, Dead Men Tell no Tales and Call of the Ancient.


Meridian has an Escape Room called, Escape From Mystery Manor located at 2959 S Meridian Rd Suite 100. There are currently 319 Google reviews with 4.9 stars. Facebook has 31 reviews with 5 stars. The current room themes are, Prison Break, Murder at Mystery Manor and Room 1301.

Escape From Mystery Manor  "is a thrilling, theme immersive, and interactive adventure. You will have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and open locks in order to reach your goal and escape in time."


Last on the list but far from least is a fantastic escape room in Nampa called Labyrinth Escape Games located at 1213 1/2 1st St S in Nampa. 264 Google reviews with 5 stars and 27 Facebook reviews with 5 stars. Current theme rooms are Reindeer Games, Nightwalker 1944, EXCALIBUR, Blacksite and SHIPWRECKED – SKULL ISLAND!

At Labyrinth Escape Games in Nampa, "we pride ourselves in creating some of the most innovative escape rooms, unlike any you’ve played before. We continue to push the limits of what’s possible by experimenting with exciting new advancements and 4D technology to create our truly one-of-a kind games."

So what'll it be? There are tons to choose from and all are fun, so pick one, gather your friends or family and have a good time!

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