POV: you just bought a lemon & life sucks

Few things are more annoying or more expensive than realizing you bought a lemon. After all, most of us buy new cars to avoid inheriting someone else's auto troubles.

So, you can imagine how aggravating it is when a new car starts having problems a few weeks or months after you drive it off the lot.

It's a huge letdown! Whether it's a series of endless, inconvenient trips to the dealership for repairs, the hassle insurance gives you over rentals, or the disappointment of dealing with a car that doesn't live up to the hype, all of it sucks.

It's a never-ending series of headaches & disappointments.

Scheduling appointments, rescheduling appointments, missing work, dealing with rental cars--an unreliable car can feel like a never-ending nightmare.

You hope with each and every repair that it'll be the last, but the hits and the hits just keep coming. Before long it's more than an inconvenience; it's a threat to your livelihood.

Even if your car is covered by insurance or under warranty, the time and hassle involved in constant repairs take a toll on your patience, schedule, and wallet. Stressing over whether your car will start before work each morning or break down on the highway isn't just tiring; it's emotionally draining.

It's a constant worry creeps its way into multiple aspects of your daily life that makes it hard, or even impossible, to enjoy driving. A relentless cycle of frustration and regret can make you dread getting behind the wheel. Big surprise, right?

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