You know, living in a state is a lot like being in a relationship. You learn about each other, you learn what each other's boundaries are, and like a lot of relationships... you eventually hate certain habits that you used to love in the beginning.

Such is the case for Idaho as we asked people to share the best things about Idaho that everyone loves to hate. Are these suggestions fair? Not entirely but it certainly makes for a fun conversation.

Like the (now-infamous) potato drop that takes place every year. There are people who actually hate a tradition that is intended to highlight the amazingness that Idaho has to offer.

Do people actually hate the food of Idaho?

Yep - there are people who actually can't stand the idea of finger steaks and they live right here in our backyard; in the Treasure Valley.

I don't know about you, but in my opinion, if you find the right finger steak then your mouth will experience the greatest euphoria of all time. But, it's not about me or what I think - it's about what you think.

Let's dive into the amazing things about Idaho that everyone else in Idaho... seems to hate.

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