As a father of three, I can tell you that being a parent is no easy task. Sure, my kids are little with my oldest being five and my youngest being seven months. I mean I hear it all the time and have been since my first kid was a super needy newborn:

"If you think things are tough now, wait until your kids get older!"

Let's be real for a moment - it's going to be a "waiting game" until they turn 18. In the meantime, you're in for a wild ride that is both mentally taxing and expensive.

Sometimes... enough is enough

If you've ever seen a disheveled parent inside the Walmart on Overland, you might be going through one of two thought processes:

  1. "Why won't that parent discipline their kid so they are quiet? Why do they look like they've given up?"
  2. "This poor parent has been through enough."

If number two is what goes through your mind then chances are you are a parent. We all have our breaking limits and kids can certainly test your limits. It seems that one Idaho parent, in particular, has had enough of theirs.

Someone outside of Caldwell has HAD IT

In photos posted to the Facebook group "Boise - Bad Driver Spotted" by member Kayla E., we see what appears to be an Idaho parent who has had it "up to here" with their kids.

According to Kayla, we see the fed-up parent "on the freeway, in Caldwell right after the Franklin exit headed east."

Now, it's possible that I could be wrong in my presumption that this act on the road was an outburst from a disgruntled parent. It's totally plausible that this person had another motive in mind whether it be for social media or maybe as an art piece. I'm not sure anyone knows but if you see this on the road - let this serve as a reminder that being a parent is TOUGH.

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