People who exploit the elderly are despicable.

Only the deplorable would prey on society's elderly and geriatric populations. Still, we're at no shortage of scammers frustratingly targeting Idaho's elderly residents. 

It's heartbreaking and infuriating to watch our parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbors duped by schemers time and again. It's even worse when the consequences include losing their hard-earned money and trust in the world.

Sophistication & deception are the hallmarks of good scams.

In 2024, scams are more sophisticated than ever.

They're designed that way. Fake websites, phishing emails, and deceptive social ads cleverly designed to look legitimate are some of a scammer's most effective means to an end.

Even cautious people can be fooled. One wrong click on a shady link can lead to malware infections and life-threatening identity theft.

Phone scams can make seniors want to avoid answering calls.

Scammers are known for posing as bank reps, creditors, government officials, candidates, or even distressed family members needing financial assistance.

Their go-to are scare tactics and an extreme sense of urgency as both tend to produce the results they're looking for: people revealing their private information or sending money.

It comes as no surprise that our elderly are easily frightened into compliance, especially if they believe they're helping a loved one or avoiding legal trouble from some obscure, outstanding debt they were unaware their deceased spouse hadn't settled.

It's up to all of us to help protect our aging Idahoans.

Our anger and frustration are useless unless we use them to protect and educate our elderly Idahoans.

Idaho's aging residents need and deserve our support as we help them navigate the choppy waters of the digital world. That starts by educating them and us on the seven scams in the gallery below.

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