Fact: time is the most valuable commodity on earth. 

Rich or poor, young or old, ask anyone nearing the end of their earthly residence, and they'll tell you the same thing. Once it's gone, it's gone. There's no going back. No matter how hard we try, we'll never relive those unforgettable moments of our past. 

Time is infinite, our lives aren't.

All of us are on borrowed, limited time. And whether we know it or not, a good chunk of us are an elusive, global treasure hunt. But instead of jewels and riches, most of us are searching for years, more time, and more opportunities to make memories with the ones we love. 

The Fountain of Youth is legendary for good reason. 

Since the beginning of mankind, countless humans have embarked on the quest to find the elixir of life. Rituals, potions, selling their soul to the Devil himself--people have tried it all. 

Unless you know something we don't know, we have yet to see anyone score a deal on immortality. That's why it's not about how many years we live, but how well we spent those years. 

Let's a raise to our senior Idahoans making the most of their time....and may we live by their example.

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