True crime is arguably the biggest streaming trend with Netflix's 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' blowing up and captivating audiences with the chilling tale of the psycho murderer that is Jeffrey Dahmer. But, what if I told you there could be someone more sinister than Dahmer lurking on the streets of the Treasure Valley?

That is exactly the case with the Lewis Clark Valley murders and at this point, it's a wonder that Amazon, Netflix, or any other streaming service hasn't picked up the case to adapt into a show online. With the cases still unsolved, it remains to be one of the most mysterious and haunting cases in Idaho's history; that's saying a lot given the horror that is the Lori Vallow case. But, even with Lori Vallow, authorities caught her and Chad Daybell. That's not the case with the Lewis Clark Valley murders as no one is in custody.

With the case still unsolved, we're going to dive into the details of that haunting string of murders from 1979 to 1982 that remain unsolved to this day. Even more terrifying? The one person of interest that authorities did have on their list... was murdered.

In the spirit of true crime, let's take a look at the Lewis Clark Valley murders and you can be the judge and determine if this case is more horrific than the Jeffrey Dahmer case... you know, because this person has never been caught!

Let me know your thoughts on the case or if the Jeffrey Dahmer case on Netflix is far worse than what we look at today.

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