Netflix has somewhat become known for its documentaries highlighting the most bizarre crimes. The latest documentary trending all over social media is Don't Pick Up The Phone which highlights a terrifying string of scam calls that forced people to commit heinous sexual offenses. As crazy as it sounds, it happened:

The criminal behind the calls would phone a fast-food restaurant, posing as an officer looking for a "person in question" which would always be a young female worker. He would vaguely describe this person to a manager before "forcing" the manager to comply with what is essentially a strip search of the victim.

The show dives into the psychology of the crimes that center around a horrifying incident at a McDonald's in Mount Washington, Kentucky but also features a terrifying incident that occurred in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Netflix's Don't Pick Up The Phone: Hoax #26

In the documentary, we are introduced to a young woman named Elizabeth who the show refers to as "Hoax #26." Elizabeth explains in the documentary how excited she was to be earning her own money working in a pizza parlor as her first job in Blackfoot, Idaho.

On December 16, 1999, the then-16-year-old Elizabeth was working her usual shift when she was called to the back office by her manager.

"I always a loyal, dutiful, like always early employee," Elizabeth said of her work ethic. It made it that much more surprising when Elizabeth's manager shared he was on the phone with a member of law enforcement.

FanCat via YouTube
FanCat via YouTube

"The manager told me he was on the phone with someone named Officer Davis, from the Blackfoot Police Department," she said.

"A woman had been at our establishment earlier that evening. Her purse was stolen and it had a $50 bill in it. And she knows that one of the servers took it."

After hearing she fit the "description", Elizabeth was adamant she didn't do it.

"I wouldn't dream of touching a customer's personal belongings at all," she said in the documentary.

"I was adamant. It wasn't me."

"And it began with removing my shoes..."

It was then the officer began issuing commands to Elizabeth's manager to remove articles of clothing.

"And it began with removing shoes. And then it was my pants," Elizabeth recalls. She goes into vivid detail about the incident before realizing something was off when the phone imposter asked for her bra size. Another employee comes in and questions the phone imposter as to why they are ordering a strip search of a minor. The caller then hangs up, leaving Elizabeth traumatized and reporting the incident to the police.

The documentary chronicles the hunt for the sick individual behind the crimes as well as diving into how he was able to get managers to do what he wanted.

It's terrifying but if you enjoy watching true crime documentaries, you can't miss this must-watch.

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