Also known as the Shield-Backed Katydid, its name is derived from the thousands of Katydids that unexpectedly descended upon the early Mormon settlers in Utah in 1848. With a name like the Mormon Cricket, it's easy to understand why the insect is one of Idaho's most misunderstood creatures. But we intend to do something about that!
June is just around the corner! That means Mormon Crickets are readying their return to Boise. Not a fan? Not sure how to handle the oddly-named creature? No worries!
To help you avoid the same scary situation a Kuna Must Know Member encountered last year, check out the gallery below for good-to-know info & what to expect from the 2023 Mormon Cricket season.

Here's What You Need to Know Before Mormon Crickets Come Back to Boise

Mormon Cricket season is almost here! Check out the gallery below to get a better understanding of the oddly-named creature!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

These 12 Idaho Bugs & Insects are Spectacular House Guests

Scroll on for a list of 12 bugs & insects in Idaho you actually want in & around your home this spring & summer!

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9 Idaho Plants That Will Make You Absolutely Miserable This Spring

According to the Boise Valley Asthma & Allergy Clinic's pollen forecast, pollen counts from these plants are the highest during the spring allergy season.

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Highly Toxic Plants You Should Definitely Try to Avoid in Idaho

According to a pamphlet from the United States Forest Service there are more than 20 poisonous plants in Idaho. These are some of the nastiest ones around.

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