We all know that Thanksgiving is about being thankful and showing appreciation for the things we take for granted each year. No matter what, the one thing that we seem to always associate Thanksgiving with is turkey. That delicious bird that so many people devote time to preparing (in endless ways I might add) that I wonder:

"Is turkey a must-have on Thanksgiving?"

We all know it's a tradition but does it have to be? This isn't some "political" idea, this isn't California invading Idaho, and this certainly isn't intended to be "unpatriotic"... it's food, people. We love food. But why turkey?

I took to Facebook to ask people what they were replacing turkey with for Thanksgiving this year and was surprised to see just how many people were dropping the traditional bird for food that we see as "more common." As I began to sift through the comments, I imagine what it would be like to indulge in these foods on a holiday where indulgence is essentially celebrated (along with being thankful).

How many other days of the year can you throw down on endless tacos and it is viewed as acceptable? Think about it. The only other day that I can think of where this is acceptable with different foods isn't even technically a holiday; the Superbowl.

Yes, people love to eat a ton during Christmas, or Independence Day, but none of those holidays is anything like Thanksgiving or the Superbowl. So, without further ado, let's dive into the turkey alternatives that the people of Boise are sharing they're going with.

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