The dating world can be a brutal place, especially with how so much of it relies on technology. The last dating app I was ever familiar with was Tinder and even then, I can't tell you what swiping left means as opposed to swiping right. Thankfully, I don't have to navigate the dating world in 2022 but there are still some brave souls out there navigating the unpredictable world of dating.

Heck, some people actually enjoy the wild dating world because it's never a dull moment. But where do people draw the line? At what point do people put their foot down and say enough is enough?

We asked the people of Boise to share their dating deal-breakers and while some of them are pretty typical, there are others like Boise local, Rachel who shared a unique deal-breaker: white shoes. That's right, Rachel doesn't like white shoes. I think I can somewhat understand the logic behind that... emphasis on "I think." Perhaps Rachel associates the white shoes with a certain profession? It's surely not solely based on fashion, right? Whatever the reason is, I'm not here to judge. Everyone has their own quirks.

On the other side of the coin, this could also serve as a friendly reminder to anyone who might be struggling in the dating world. Sometimes going down the list and checking things off is the best way to make sure you're all set for a night out with a fellow single.

Let's dive into some of the top deal-breakers according to the very people who are dating here in the Treasure Valley.

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