The "Stinky Kid" 

BOISE, Idaho. It's practically unavoidable: every class has a "stinky kid."

From applying too many drug store body sprays, to being the last to know about the importance of deodorant, there's always that one kid who makes your nose burn. But before you retrieve that list of smelly kids you've had in the back of your mind since first grade, hang on a sec'.


In case you missed it, Idaho's the stinky kid in class, y'all. And internet trolls are having a field day describing our Gem State's less than palatable aroma. It seems the world wide web believes Idaho has an aversion to soap and water, and its obsession with our B.O. is friggin' hilarious.

Help yourself to a good laugh! Scroll on to check out what internet trolls say Idaho smells like! 

Internet Trolls Obsessing Over What Idaho Smells Like Is Hilarious 😆

BOISE, Idaho. ICYMI, Idaho's the stinky kid in class. And the keyboard warriors are having a little too much fun roasting the Gem State!

Foreshadowing Building Looms In Front of Idaho Retirement Home

BOISE, Idaho. Do we recognize the genius behind building a funeral parlor a stone's throw away from a retirement home? Absolutely. But we're not apathetic to how that might make the retirement home's residents feel. We're selectively and playfully insensitive to it.

☠️ To that end, we seized the opportunity to exploit the scenario with a sense of humor we pray old age never robs from us!

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