There is a lot to see in this world. Typically, when asked what people would do with more time and more money, many respond with travel more, see more places, explore. Sometimes you don't have to go far to discover or explore something that others take for granted. Idaho seems to be a mystery to so many visitors. A website called planner at heart recently released an article called 10 U.S. States Travelers Were Surprised By the Most.

The ten states mentioned are:

1. South Dakota
2. New Mexico
3. Idaho
4. Arizona
5. Kansas
6. Florida
7. Oregon
8. Alaska
9. Washington
10. Utah

The reasons why are interesting. Most of them had to do with the landscapes of said states. For example, for Arizona, travelers quoted mentioned how surprised they were by the dense forested areas and how parts of the state also get blizzards and tons of snow. It is not all just snakes and cacti.

Many states, especially on the more mountainous west coast have diverse landscapes, Idaho included. This may seem ridiculous to Idahoans, especially in the southern part of the state but here are what tourists were surprised about...

“Idaho. I never realized how much of it was desert,” The original contributor confessed. Another responded, “I’m surprised to read it. I wasn’t aware that ANY of it was desert.” The original poster responded, “Oh yeah, Boise goes from foresty mountains to quite scrubby with some trees around the city and green neighborhoods to hundreds of miles of dirt and brush-filled desert. Not a lot of sand except in a few places, though.” - 10 U.S. States Travelers Were Surprised By the Most by planner at heart
Keep scrolling for more things that make Idaho unique, especially to those not from here.

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