According to a recent survey by Forbes, 49% of Americans plan to travel more in 2023 than they did last year. 

The financial website also asked respondents what type of trips they were planning to take. 42% of the respondents said that they were planning on taking a road trip. Lagoon in Farmington, UT is one of the best short road trips you can take from the Treasure Valley! It’s less than five hours away, packs in thrills on rides, chills on the waterslides and a chance to grab some good Oktoberfest-esque grub at their Biergarten. 

Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park
Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park

Plus, 2023’s going to be an exciting year at the park! It’s been almost eight years since Lagoon opened their last coaster, Cannibal. In August 2017, coaster enthusiasts stumbled across a trademark that the park filed for “an amusement park ride in the nature of roller coaster.” Since then, there have been more than 2,000 posts speculating about what “Steel Roller Coaster 1” would be like. 

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Well, after years of waiting Lagoon fans will get their first taste of “Primordial” this upcoming season. We don’t know much about what the ride experience will be like but Lagoon called it a “one-of-a-kind interactive coaster” with a “ride experience like you have never seen” in the Instagram post they made introducing the name of the new ride in November. 

YouTube/Coaster Studios
YouTube/Coaster Studios

The park hasn’t announced if the coaster will open the same day the park does or later in the season. Opening day for the park is March 25! 

Lagoon isn’t just a popular destination for families in Utah and those within driving distance in Idaho. It’s also been a popular destination for filmmakers looking for an amusement park to put in their movies. A handful of movies (and TV shows) have used Lagoon as a backdrop for their movies! 

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