The annual Lights and Lasers Show has, unfortunately, been postponed this year. We have an update from Visit Southern Idaho explaining the unforeseen postponement.

Lights And Lasers Postponed Until 2023

The Lights and Lasers Show has been postponed until 2023. According to a press release sent out by Visit Southern Idaho, they cited, "unforeseen circumstances, lack of immediate interest, and the state of the economy..." for the reason for the postponement. They are hoping that the event will return next year for bigger and better things for the future.

Lights And Laser History

The Lights and Lasers show started at the Shoshone Falls a few years ago. The event then moved down to Canyon Spring Golf Course in the canyon. This year, it was supposed to be held at Legacy Fields on Hwy 30 on your way to Filer. The fields were going to be able to host everyone and all the new features. It started as a show and transformed into a full event. There were supposed to be vendors, the music was done live, and the lights choreographed. There was supposed to be other entertainment there as well.

The Press Release Verbatim:

"To Patrols of Lights and Lasers,

We want to thank you all for the efforts you have put into Lights and Lasers Remix 2022. Due to unforeseen circumstances, lack of immediate interest, and the state of the economy we regret to inform you that we have postpones Lights and Lasers until 2023. We want to extend our gratitude for your support and community involvement. We hope to put on a bigger and better event next year."

Such a bummer. I have gone a few years in a row and was planning on doing so again this year. Hopefully, 2023 will be the biggest and best event yet.

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