Justin Bieber is really getting into the spirit of his Comedy Central Roast! The singer personally reached out to Seth Rogen, asking the actor to give him a hard time.

The situation isn't as random as it sounds. Back in 2014, Seth tweeted his dislike for Justin, calling the "Boyfriend" singer a "piece of s---." He elaborated during an appearing on the TODAY show, saying, "To me the idea that a grown man doesn’t like Justin Bieber is not a controversial thought. Why would I? It would be much weirder if I did like Justin Bieber, to me. None of these people in this room like Justin Bieber. I can guarantee that.”

Now that the heat will officially be on Justin during his roast later this month, he personally asked Seth to attend, via a series of tweets.

He even referenced Seth's 2014 diss, saying, "I'm still your biggest fan. Even after 'the interview. That's dedication. Roast me! Sincerely yours..the piece of s---..justin;)"

First of all, we love that Justin is taking control of the conversation. It's clear that he's ready and willing to be mocked -- the perfect setup for a roast. And who better to lead the ridicule than someone who openly dislikes the singer?

Just in case Seth needed any more persuasion, Justin's Beliebers took up the cause, quickly making #WeWantSeth a trending topic on Twitter. Now that's dedication. Whether or not the actor attends, we cannot wait for Justin's roast on March 30.

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