I'll just say it: I'm really great at finding things out. When I get a gut feeling, I'm typically right.. and find out I'm right through hacking emails, social media accounts, or doing drive-bys somehow at the perfect time to see exactly what I was looking for.

Have I caught a guy(s) cheating on me? Of course. Have I caught a guy(s) cheating on my friends? Of course. Have my instincts always been right? Usually.

This is why I knew the Treasure Valley needs my service. I've been on Bumble and Tinder here for about 6 months and have already ran into cheaters. Plural. I've got this alter-ego, Ashley, and she is great at baiting guys who are stepping out on their girlfriends.

You've never heard anything like this. #KatFished starts this Thursday. Don't miss it- 7:25a and 8:25a.


Think your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is being shady? If you think they're cheating, Kat Fisher will try to KatFish them.. and her success rate is sadly pretty high. Send Kat your info and she'll reach out to you!
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