A new friend of ours challenged us to the 22 push-up challenge for an incredible cause.

Chip Schultz, a former marine, stopped by the station on Friday to challenge Keke and I to the 22 push-up challenge that he's been doing over the last few weeks.  Why 22 push-ups? 22 represents the number of American Veterans that commit suicide every day.  The challenge is to raise awareness for those veterans.

We were proud to give Chip 22 and had a discussion about how we can make a difference to help drop that statistic.  Check out the video!

Team Red, White and Blue that Chip mentioned is an incredible group.  As a runner, I've seen Team RWB at road races and it's always an honor to run along side them. If you know a veteran you think could benefit from talking with someone from Team RWB, contact their director Tara Marta at tara.marta@teamrwb.org.

Sunday, April 3rd is the final day of Chip's challenge and he's inviting anyone in the community to do his final 22 push-ups with him at Timberline High School.  If you'd like to show your support, meet in the gymnasium at 4 PM!


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