I should have known going to lunch with KekeLuv would be far from a "normal" outing.  I keep giving myself a hard time, though, because I haven't been "adulting" very well since getting to Boise...more about that later.  Can we talk about how Keke's poor excuse of a "top" for his Jeep proves he isn't "adulting" either!?

When we left the studios for lunch, it began to sprinkle. He thought it was pretty funny, explaining that his summer mesh "roof" on the Jeep doesn't keep the water out very well. Well, 2 minutes later (of course Boise weather would do this to us), it began to pour. We both wear glasses...couldn't see...the rest is history.  I lost my flip flop in the flooded restaurant parking lot and my plaid boxers were clearly visible through my white shorts for most of the afternoon.  See our Facebook live video above for the recap. This is why we can't have nice things.

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