The ESPY Awards brought out the biggest names in sports. And LeBron James has the pictures to prove it.

King James was on hand at the show on Wednesday, handing out some serious hardware. He also made it a point to get some photos of the other stars of sport.

Yup, that's him with Aaron Rodgers and David Beckham. But wait, they aren't the only ones who snapped a photo with LeBron.

Yeah, that's Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter flanking him.

So, while Caitlyn Jenner may have stolen the spotlight, don't worry: LeBron made sure that white hot spotlight never totally left his side.

Not since Ellen took the most epic selfie of all time has there been such a cavalcade of A-listers in front of a lens at the same time. Seriously, there's so much star power in these pictures that an astronomer could name a planet after them to pick up the slack left by Pluto.

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