Are you tired of everyone saying "wow, it's been a crazy day", yet? I certainly am. In fact, I'm tired of being the one saying it! However after today....

Wow, it's been a crazy day.

After all that has unfolded nationwide and even here locally around the coronavirus, more measures were taken in the State of Idaho.

Several states like New York and California have issued state-wide mandates, ordering social-distancing and stay-at-home regulations in an attempt to slow down or completely stop this virus. As more and more states take steps in this direction, it was pretty insane to watch the amount of criticism that it appeared Governor Brad Little started to receive after yet another press conference of stating that he did not believe Idaho was in a position to make such a statewide mandate.

This afternoon from the headquarters of the Idaho National Guard at Gowen Field, Governor Brad Little seemed to have turned a corner, ordering the State of Idaho stay at home unless you absolutely MUST go out, noting that Idaho has now reached the point of community spread of coronavirus.

This order also requires the closure of any businesses that are deemed "non-essential" however...the list of businesses that ARE essential seems almost endless.

I made my way to the liquor store last week so I would have some whiskey for the weekend. I expected a much bigger crowd...but business at the Broadway Avenue store seemed slow.

After reviewing the "essential' businesses, worrying about that store closing up is a thing of the past, as the Idaho liquor stores ARE essential, per Governor Little's order. Check out this tweet from KTVB's Brian Holmes below that lists those businesses that will remain open:

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