Emotion, lack of sleep, long days in the rain, sun and cold and making new friends every single minute is something we all go through for 175 hours a year. This year was one we will never forget. You are someone we will never forget. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. 

On the final day, we all reflected how 175 hours can feel like a lifetime but can go by so quickly. All of the times we opened up to each other will not be forgotten. The stories that were told when you felt the timing was right. The fact that you felt comfortable enough for all of us to come together and, finally, after years of being part of Live for 175 were able to speak up about something you have been struggling to admit for your whole life.

While the 175 hours have ended, breaking the cycle of child abuse isn't over. Please take advantage of these tools and resources available to you in order to safely report child abuse (anyone can do it).

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