Local Rapper who goes by the name of Zero just dropped a video fro his amazing song called Suicide Letter.

Zero is a local Boise rapper and he has been refining his craft for a number of years. His has frequented local rap shows for the last couple of years. Lately he has been making a name for himself by going on tour throughout the northwest. He even opened for some major artist's traveling through Boise such as Tech N9NE among others.

Well last month he finally dropped an album, which you can purchase here. It's something he has worked hard at for the last year or two with the fruits of his own labor and with the support of other local rappers such as Axiom Tha Wyze and singers such as Natalie Grace. None of this would be complete without the full support of his fiance/girlfriend Jolene who acts as his bodyguard, manager, and marketing girl. With all the love and support around him he created a song that speaks volumes to many people across the country and probably the world.

If you to get know him more here is his website and if you want the commentary on the why they created the song click here.

Here is his amazing song/video from his album (which like I said he just released)