Another week is in the books and we're going into a LONG weekend this week. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the chance for a little extra rest. Especially with this amazing weather we have been having.

Each week, I put together a list of the best three things you can do going into the weekend and this LONG weekend is no exception. Stay safe, wear your mask, and have some fun this weekend.

As always, if you have an idea, event, or suggestion you can reach out and put that on my radar for next time! Just shoot me an email:

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  • 1

    Tacos in Caldwell

    Tacos on tacos on tacos...join 103.5 KISS FM at Indian Creek Plaza tomorrow, Saturday the 5th of September for a huge taco festival where the best of the best will be crowned. It's free for anyone to get in and just $2 for taco sampler tickets.

  • 2

    Splish Splash at Roaring Springs

    Your days to splash into Roaring Springs are limited. Get out there and have some fun--the weather will be prime and all of the proper health and safety precautions are being put into place!

  • 3

    Take a drive and swim

    I'm hoping to do this myself... just Google "Blue Heart Springs" and you'll see why.  A quick drive to Hagerman and a quick kayak trip up the river takes you to some of the most beautiful blue water you can swim in. That's right...smack dab in the middle of Idaho.

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