I remember being super excited about spending 4th of July in McCall and then the COVID effect kicked in and the mask mandate was put into place. Many people cancelled plans saying it wasn't going to be the same and that it was not worth the expense. That same mask mandate is set to expire on the 31st, or is it going to be extended? Did that mandate make a difference? In an interview with ktvb McCall mayor Bob Giles said...

“I think we are exceeding 90% compliance, so I think the requirement, the mandate, the order, the resolution those things have really made it more clear”. Giles added "Business owners and the people of McCall continue to support the order. It takes a little pressure off the business owners," According to Giles business owners like it because  "They are not getting yelled at, they are not getting harassed because they can explain that it’s the law of the City of McCall."

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