Police are investigating a threat written in graffiti at Skyview High School. The message was in a bathroom saying a school shooting would happen tomorrow - Tuesday.

Nampa police take all threats seriously and are working with the school to find out who is responsible for writing this message. In order to protect the students, police will do extra patrols and additional school resource officers may be provided.

The person who wrote the message warned kids to stay home if they wanted to remain safe.



According to KTVB, the threat written on the wall in graffiti reads: "School will be shot up at 4-18-17 at 10:24 a.m. There will be a gang of 17 students doing this. They will target all the teachers and administrators first, then they will kill the students one by one. If 911 is called, all hell will break loose. If you want to survive... Stay home!"

Skyview High School parents and students have been contacted and made aware of the threat. If you have any information on the case, contact the Nampa Police Department or the Nampa School District.


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