If you're the type of person who will watch A Christmas Story multiple times during TNT and TBS's 24-hour marathon, then you've got to add this one to your Christmas bucket list! 

Back in March, we caved to an ad chasing us around Facebook and went to check out Hammer Time, a new rage room that opened in Nampa. When we were there to test it out, manager Dan Estes, told us about the vision they had for offering more than a room to break stuff in. Since our visit, they've added a Neon Black Light Paint Splatter room and axe throwing lanes.

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Both of those sound incredibly fun, but the new option that immediately grabbed our eye and our Christmas-loving hearts? They're A Christmas Story themed Red Ryder BB Gun shooting. Unlike Ralphie, you don't have to put together a convincing argument for why you deserve the holy grail of Christmas gifts, the Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle. They just hand you one, set-up a room of festive paper, metal and breakable targets and let you take on up to four of your closest friends or family members to see which one of you is the best shot.

And no...you won't shoot your eye out. We know from our visit that Hammer Time takes safety seriously. You'll have to wear eye protection while you're at the shooting gallery.

When we asked where's a good place to have a FUN office Christmas party in the Treasure Valley, our listeners mentioned Section 37 Axe Room in Caldwell and Base Camp Pong + Axe in Boise as ideas. If axe throwing is what your co-workers are into, this might be another fun option to look at because you can do both the activity and shooting gallery in the same place.

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