Today is #NationalChocolateChip Day! Could there be a better thing to celebrate and honor! Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? It’s the classic treat that we all love spanning back to any childhood.

Can you believe that just over the last few years we've been seeing tasty new spots opening up? I'm not how many times we ordered Chip for friends on special days. You've had the Crumbl opening along with the classic Double Tree treat and our history favorite in every mall-like Mrs. Fields cookies.

Fun fact, the chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1938 in Massachusetts by Ruth Graves Wakefield who ran the Toll House Inn who originally named the chocolate treat the Toll House Cookie. Sailors and soldiers would write home asking for packages of the cookies and share them to lift spirits and moral. 

Fast forward to today and a good chocolate chip cookie can still boost almost anyone’s day! My wife likes to have a fresh batch made a lot of the time because she likes to say it’s the “friendliest” treat! Whatever that means because I just think it makes our kids happy 😂 Whether you like them soft and right out of the oven or crispy with a little snap.

Do you dip in milk or not? Are you dark chocolate or milk chocolate kind of person? However, you like to eat a chocolate chip cookie I won’t judge. There’s no wrong way to enjoy it! So if you need an excuse to make up a batch or find the best local chocolate chip cookie staple, today is the day! Keep it local with some of our favorites below. I just love the taste of a great soft chocolate chip cookie!

There are a few national type days to celebrate cookies and we take on May 15, 2020 🍪

Happy #NationalChocolateChipDay!

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