Every year it becomes a Donald Trump style "HUGE" dilemma... What to wear for Halloween?  Should it be something scary? funny? a popular celebrity? Honestly I have no idea either but I did what every resourceful human being does... GOOGLE!

So thanks to the peeps at the Whisp here are my favorites (along with a comment or two) from their "32 Genius 2019 Pop Culture Halloween costumes" list.

LIL NAS X - The guy with the number 1 song for most of the year may be popular.

THE OLD AGE FILTER - You could wait 30 years or just do it now.


THE NEW-NEW TAYLOR SWIFT - Cause the Old Taylor is so 2018.

A VSCO GIRL - Subculture at it's finest.

NORMANI FROM THE MOTIVATION VIDEO - or you can do a throwback and dress like TLC - same difference (spray painted clothes)

BILLIE EILISH - Just wear a giant onesie.

LADY GAGA AT THE MET GALA - Have you seen a highlighter?

AREA 51 - This could be a group costume

ARIANA GRANDE - If you're bored...

CHARLIE'S ANGELS - Miley, Ari and Lana... how can you and your girls go wrong.

SCOOPS AHOY WORKERS - You might of seen them on Stranger Things.

and finally my favorite...

6IX9INE THE RAT - Or if you're into birds you can be a canary. Can you say witness protection program?

check out the full list and pics at:



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