Let me get this correct Netflix. Spotify just announced they would toss in Hulu for free and your company is continuing to raise prices? Are you beginning to take advantage of us Netflix?

I'm all for making money and I get it but please quit raising prices on us. That's like adding a fee to Facebook or Instagram. I think most people would pay it but if you keep raising those rates it would begin to piss us off.

This new came up a while ago but while putting a kids movie on for my son this weekend I saw that pop-up. I immediately tweeted out, "be careful Netflix." All it takes is for another service to begin streaming and your hotspot will disappear. Everyone does it.

Do you remember when Facebook started messing with their algorithm? That is when Mark Zuckerburg decided to make an executive decision on how visible our posts would be based upon our content. The entire goal is to make money and ensure we're not benefitting without paying them.

Netflix is raising prices in the United States by $1-$2.

  • Basic Package: $8.99
  • Standard Package: $12.99
  • Premium Package: $15.99

The noticeable difference is the number of screens you get and the HD. Does that high definition really matter though? The basic package gives you one screen that you can watch and increases to two and four with the premium package. That's the number of screens you can view at the same time.

Did I mention that Apple is launching its own streaming service? That announcement will be coming March 25, 2019, with subscription prices to rival everyone else.

I think it's like anything else. If you love Apple products, you'll buy iPhones. You love Android, you'll never touch an iPhone. Whole Foods? You pay more to shop there because that's your jam. We're creatures of habit and that's something that doesn't change unless you piss us off! New rates begin April.

Be careful Netflix!

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