I've joked for months that I wanted to make a video of me shouting at JUMP "what are you?!" because very few people in the Treasure Valley actually know what it is.

Now their new website is lifting the veil on Jack's Urban Meeting Place for those of us that haven't been able to go take a tour of it!  During my visit to their website, I learned that there's much more sliding to do at the website than the spiral slide we've been hearing about for years.  There's a near vertical "Team Slide" on the roof of the building as well! It allows eight people to slide at a time and can be used for fun with friends and fam or for conquering fears during a team building exercise!

Maybe sliding isn't your thing and you're more into the physical challenge of climbing things.  It's currently under construction but JUMP also has a three story net structure for people to push it to the limit and take risks without you know...falling out of a tree or something.

Thanks to the new website you can finally see pictures of the Inspire, Move, Make, Play and Share studios that host classes like digital photography, staging fight seasons for film, yoga, choreography and more.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click HERE to visit the new JUMP website.

It features an updated look at some of the areas in this video posted back in December!

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