It wasn't that long ago when we used to roll out to Cowgirls in Kuna followed by long stretches of farmland. It wasn't until we came into the main part of Kuna that a city began to appear. That's all changed with continued grown and the announcement of a new high school.

The community is being invited to the groundbreaking of the new Kuna High School on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at 5:30 P.M. The new name of the school will also be announced thanks to a naming contest that was conducted with the students.

I was heading out to Ridley's Family Market one afternoon and saw all the new construction. Since there has been so much new business and city has grown outward down Kuna road. I know to talk about new Smoky Mountain Pizza, McDonald's and more might seem very small town right? Well, it is.

The Treasure Valley is growing beyond comprehension and what do you need with more people moving in from out of state? You need more grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, and schools.

The growth is no joke and if you're looking to buy, Kuna is looking like the spot to put in your search. I had a friend buy a home out there 11 years ago right before the recession and had to get rid of it because he got crushed. Fast forward today and property value is up and growth is awesome.

Here are a few details from the Idaho Press and I'll list a link with more information.

  • 72,000 square-foot building over 17 acres on the northeast corner of Linder and Columbia Roads.
  • 13,500-square-foot heavy diesel and automotive technology lab.
  • 2,400-square-foot study lounge on the second floor.
  • 500 students in phase one that includes around 400 parking spaces.
  • 25 million to fund phase one
  • Full build-out plots the school at 260,000 square feet and host 1,600 students over 60 acres.

Future Phases include

  • Football field
  • Practice football field
  • Tennis complex with eight courts
  • Two baseball fields
  • Two softball fields
  • A track
  • Amphitheater
  • Two soccer fields
  • 320 additional parking spaces.

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