If you're like me, after a weekend out downtown (day or night), sometimes checking your bank account on Sunday can be really scary! I've tried it all, from writing everything down to leaving my cards at home and working with only as much cash as I allow myself to put in my wallet before a night out.  Some have worked better than others, but this new, free app has done wonders for my bank account.

The app is called PocketGuard. It's secure, simple, and easy on the eyes.  I'm extremely visual and that's what caught my eye when I was checking out the app store. PocketGuard can sync all of your accounts--checking, savings, and credit.  From there, it can show you how much money you have on hand.  This is factored in by the bills you owe and your total balances.  The graphs and charts make it super easy to see where your money is going. It categorizes all of it and you can customize spending limits on everything from entertainment to fast food.  One of my favorite features is once you have a budget plan set, the app can tell you exactly how much you're allowed to spend DAILY!  

No, they didn't ask me to write about this.  Yes, it's seriously the best money app I've ever used and YES, you should check it out! You can even get started online before you get the app.  For that and to read more, click HERE.

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