Jay Ajayi, is that you? Rees Odhiambo, have you brought a piece of the Seahawks to Boise? There are some big names in town starting today and it just seems like a perfect time to be running errands around Boise State. 

Twelve players from last season will be working out for pro scouts on campus. This involves weights and on-field work. This weather would definitely prep all players for winter games in the NFL. I'm not a pro but I think that should be the first challenge. How long can you stand out in the rain, snow, sun and whatever else is happening and pass a ball or run it down the field.

It's okay, nobody asked me.

Players are prepping for the NFL draft  which takes place April 27, 28 and 29. Which Boise State football players will have the same experience as Correa (plays for the Ravens), Thompson (plays for the Giants) and Odhiambo (plays for the Seahawks)?

Jeremy McNichols had shoulder surgery so he won't be taking part in all of this. He's not missing out on his chance because he was at the NFL combine earlier this month and did well.

Who to watch for:

  1. Tanner Vallejo
  2. Thomas Sperbeck
  3. Sam McCaskill
  4. Ben Weaver
  5. Chanceller James
  6. Travis Averill
  7. Mario Yakoo
  8. Tyler Rausa
  9. Sean Wale
  10. Chaz Anderson
  11. Raymond Ford
  12. Jonathan Moxey

So, who is in town? I have it on good word that we'll recognize some former Boise State players around town. Who will it be? They are the same names we've talked about being in the NFL. I encourage you to get out this weekend for some celeb spotting!


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