What happens we you have the most sought after game system and drop twelve of them? This was a stunt gone wrong and can I say, BELOW THE BELT bad!

Kekeluv with Nintendo Switches as they Crash!
Kekeluv with Nintendo Switches as they Crash!

The Nintendo Switch is the newest and most coveted game system on the market right now. I'm not sure if it's because of the greatness or the fact these devices are SOLD OUT nationwide. We have a nice stack with more coming in. If you want to win your own Nintendo Switch, Become a Friends with Benefits member and Tap Dat App.

I grabbed Mateo from the night show and we decided to play a prank on Michelle Heart. We emptied all the boxes taking out the Nintendo Switches and waited for Michelle to walk in. I was supposed to go crashing to the ground and the rest is history. I actually have no idea why we did this. This was the plan and that's not what ended up being so funny. Watch this accident in the making. Sorry, Mateo! Ice or frozen peas homie.

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