This may be the first year Merriam-Webster added words that speak directly to you.

Every year, hundreds of new words are added to the dictionary as "official recognized" words in the English language. Mind you, some of these we've already been saying for a long time, but now they're actually acceptable words. This year, Merriam-Webster went all out and actually chose some really good words to add, one of which completely describes my entire existence. Here's some of the highlights:



A man explaining something to a woman, only he dumbs it down because he thinks she needs him to. As a man, I can say we are all dumb for this.



Bitcoin. Dogecoin. Internet coins. Super Mario coins. I don't even know. I'm poor.



Camping for divas like me. Full motor home, shower, toilet, microwave, the works.



Sending a tweet out about somebody, but not mentioning them specifically. Because you are a bully behind a keyboard and have no soul.


"Dumpster Fire"

Oh sweet Jesus yes. This perfectly describes my life. While it literally means a fire within a dumpster, I much prefer Merriam-Webster's secondary definition:

A chaotic or disastrously mishandled situation.



What's that? You want me to use it in an sentence? Surely:

Singing on stage at Boise Music Festival in a flamingo shirt and way-too-short shorts was a complete dumpster fire. Not doing that again.

You can see the entire list of newly added words here.


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