Let's say you had all the dam money in the world, what would you buy? Would you buy a dam house, a dam Ferrari, a dam airplane, a dam yacht, or would you not give a dam about the stereotypical material things and instead buy a dam?

A lot of people have been known to not give a dam and now you can add Ada County to that list because they definitely will not be giving a dam, they are however selling a dam. According to ktvb Ada county is selling Barber Dam and this Tuesday potential bidders are invited to view the facilities during the open house scheduled for that morning. If you're interested in the dam business this is one of the few chances you will get to make it happen as dams don't go on the market very often. Ada county has owned Barber Dam for 40 years since the original owners failed to pay the taxes in 1977. My question is what do you do with a dam? I'm sure you can generate more power than you can use and then what? Here's a fun fact: The power the dam generates is sold to Idaho power. Just in case you're interested in making a dam deal here's 2 things you need to know:

The minimum asking price in one million dollars.


Bidders will have to show that they are financially capable of owning and operating the dam and meet guidelines set by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, according to county officials.


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