When you gotta go - you gotta GO! I went out for a run like an idiot when it was 110 degrees (don't try this - I'm a freak.) It was about 110 degrees, halfway home, 2 miles down, and I had to go pee BADLY! If only I had an open-air urinal?

What is that? Don't worry I had to google it too. Open-air urinals are exactly when they sound like. It's basically a waste high urinal in public. They're being tested and could be on their way. True story. I came across this on CNN.com and I was like, (insert Cardi B expression)

Imagine peoples. You're stumbling downtown from one bar to the next and all of the sudden you can't wait. Just walk up to this urinal kind of like an ATM, whip it out and let it go. No doors. No curtains. Just you and your stallion...I can't even write this without laughing to myself. Really? Can you REALLY imagine?

It's already happening in Paris. You've gotta see the signs and look, mom - they put a nice flower arrangement to mask the peeing. Everything I'm telling you is legit. This was a Paris attempt to curb all the public peeing? Wait, there's more and we should only be excited when recycling our pee to help flourish the  Treasure Valley's Foothills.

Kekeluv Fun Fact: Urine contains nutrients in waste to produce compost for parks and gardens. One year of a person's urine holds enough nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to fertilize 400 square meters of wheat.

I just picture this massive line of dudes peeing in Kuna's fields for some reason. Where is this blog going? Anyways, peeing in the street is real but Paris locals not exactly excited. Can you imagine the mess? The drunk guy going on a pee on everyone "pee-page".

Paris is a test and so far it looks like it might be failing quickly. I mean let's put one on the run-up Table Rock. Putting one next to the Reef? Let's see where this goes but I'm not sure Idaho. Are you down?

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